Major Sandstone and Roofing Ltd have been operational for the past 25 years, and whilst roofing is our core business, we have vast amount of experience in the sandstone restoration in Stirlingshire, Glasgow, Helensbrough and Greenock.

So, what is Sandstone?

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock type formed of various mineral particles such as quartz, felspar and mica, these minerals are bound together by natural cements such as iron oxides, clay, silicas and calcium carbonates. The natural cements can also determine the colour of the stone.

The UK has an abundance of sandstone sourced mainly from the northern half of the British Isles, we have some of the most beautiful and versatile sandstones available anywhere in the world.

Sandstone is an extremely versatile natural material and has been used as a landscape and building material for thousands of years. Its uses provide a variety of products such as paving, walling, roofing and masonry. Sandstone can be seen throughout the UK, especially Scotland, in many prestigious structures and grand landscape surroundings which form part of our heritage.

There are various grain types and colours of sandstones available, various reds from south east Scotland, Cumbria and Cheshire, pinks and pale buffs from Derbyshire, blue / grey from South Wales and browns, buffs and greys from Yorkshire, Lancashire and the North East, there is also an array of colours available from imported material.

With such a rich architectural heritage, Scotland features building of all shapes, sizes and era. From original sandstone Victorian buildings to modern office blocks.

Yet whether the building is constructed from delicate sandstone, granite or modern brick, there is still a requirement for stone restoration work to be carried out from time to time. This constant wet weather can cause sandstone to become saturated with water. When a building is not properly maintained, a simply issue like a blocked gutter can cause water to overflow onto sandstone wall.

If this is the case, we suggest consulting a professional sandstone repair service providing Sandstone Repair, Restoration in Stirlingshire, Glasgow, Helensbrough and Greenock.

Major Sandstone and Roofing

Major Sandstone and Roofing provide a full in-house roofing and maintenance service with specialities lying in stone restoration work. We have worked on some large-scale historic restoration work in Stirlingshire, Glasgow, Helensbrough and Greenock. There is no limit to our stonework restoration services

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