Our Roofing Services

Throughout our 30 years long experience, we know how to fix or replace any roof, skylight or a gutter!

Roof Installation and Repair

Whether you have a pitched or a flat roof, need a replacement in full, or constructing a new property from scratch, get in touch with us. We believe in using our expertise to get you the perfect roof that will last the longest time and work the most effectively. Feel free to make use of our knowledge and experience to inspire your new roofing project.
We have successfully repaired and installed hundreds of new roofs and are trained in installing all kinds of pitched and flat roofs for any building.
We work with all kinds of roof structures and roofing materials and can supply almost any material to suit the job. We commonly deal with issues such as storm damage to slates, ridge tiles and chimney stacks, leaking flat roofs or damp walls caused by roof deterioration.

Sandstone Repair and Cleaning

We clean and restore the surface of sandstone structures with ease. While susceptible to staining, sandstone is easy enough to clean providing not too much carbon is absorbed, allowing us to restore the natural appearance of the sandstone.
While we always strive to repair and restore all sandstone masonry, sometimes it’s best to replace eroded segments with new sandstone. All sandstone replacements are done with the utmost care, with our team meticulous replacing sections of sandstone to ensure minimal disruption to the structure.

Sandstone Repointing

Due to the age of most sandstone buildings, the mortar holding the stones together tends to deteriorate over time, so let us restore the appearance and strength of the sandstone through repointing. Our professionals take the time to repoint using classic methods to ensure the repointing matches the original appearance of the building.

Our Roofing & Roughcasting Services

Cost-effective, hard-wearing, and robust in adverse weather conditions, roughcasting is one of the most popular choices of exterior rendering. Implemented properly, roughcasting will help insulate and protect your home, as well as making it look great.
With over 25 years of experience in the roofing and roughcasting sector, we pride ourselves not only on our knowledge and expertise but also our dedication to providing you as the customer, with the highest level of work and with a guarantee that we’ll get the job done right the first time.
We specialise in all aspects of roof and render work, from renewing whole roofs in slate or tiles or flat roofs in traditional bitumen systems or single-ply PVC systems to all aspects of render works.

Guttering Roofline Services

Our core focus is on rainwater, drainage and roofline systems offering unrivalled availability on metal ranges in cast iron, aluminium and galvanised steel.

Cast Iron and Aluminium

We supply & install a huge range of Cast Iron guttering in various styles & colours. Cast iron is especially well suited and a popular choice for all drainage systems. No other product offers long life, durability & strength like that of Cast Iron.

Cast aluminium rainwater guttering have become the widely accepted alternative to cast iron due to the lightweight, corrosion resistant, low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing characteristics that provide exact profile copies of their cast iron counterparts.

We focus on high quality roofline products that give exceptional value for money.


We install premium quality UPVC rooflines on homes and businesses in the Glasgow area. With a range of styles and colours to choose from, we ensure that any rooflines we install match the current aesthetic of the property. As the materials are made from a highly durable UPVC, the wood and brickwork found between roof and walls receives ample protection against water and weathering.

If you would like to discuss any of our services please contact us today to arrange an estimate.
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